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Since 1993

Who we are

In short, we are a team of Engineers and Game developers brought together with a common understanding; that the future of entertainment needs to include more than "virtual" experiences. To that end we have started developing the RIG box, a hardware platform designed to make video entertainment into an immersive experience.

Also, we believe in having amazing video game experiences, and we believe in having amazing movie experiences too.  The RIG box will help us achieve real user immersion whether its with Video games, Youtube videos or even movies.

The future will surely contain some amazing experiences.  Experiences so real that they will be difficult to differentiate from reality. The RIG box helps us to blur that line and get closer to what we call "Augmented Virtuality."  In essence, virtual reality is visual reality, it cannot be experienced past the visual.  And augmented reality is displaying some visual elements into reality thereby augmenting it.  Then there is "Augmented Virtuality", which is what the RIG box promises to provide.  It allows the virtual video world to come alive with real sensory experiences.  Experiences of actual wind, of sights and sounds, and sometimes "shocking" experiences. Follow along with our blog and through Twitter to hear our progress on making the future of entertainment, a reality.

Next Steps...

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