RIG box peripherals

RIG box compatible peripheral design.  Let the minds that designed the RIG box design you a custom module. This can include a 3D printed light up logo to almost anything.

Repair Services

Being electrical engineers means we're good at building AND fixing.  Let us fix your electronics so they don't become land-fill.

Electrical Engineering Services

Have something else in mind that needs a talented designer to (re)imagine it?  Let us help, we can design your next project and even product quality PCBs and populate parts as well. Contact us.

3D Printed RIG box enclosure

RIG box peripherals

Imagine your users are playing a Videogame you developed, and they stop by a save icon to save their game.  Now imagine that in-game icon is your dev logo.  Now imagine that dev logo 3D printed and lit with LEDs.  Now imagine when the user is saving in game.  Your logo lights up in the real world, giving an amazing user experience and increasing game immersion at the same time. Ask us how.

Repair Services

Reimagine Games believes in reimagining a world without electronic waste. In keeping with that tradition we offer repair services for electronics.  It keeps the landfills from filling up and helps us keep our troubleshooting and repair skills sharp and up to date. Contact us for details.


Next Steps...

Join our Developer Program and make your name Indie Game or other Content RIG box compatible.  It's free, and there is no commitment.